Monday , May 20 2024

New Power Connection: Now new electricity connection will be available in just 3 days, Ministry changed the rules

New Power Connection: Now the rules for getting a new electricity connection have changed in the country. Giving this information on Friday, the Power Ministry said that new electricity connections will now be available in three days in metropolitan areas, seven days in municipal areas and 15 days in rural areas. According to language news, rules have also been made easier for solar units installed on rooftops. The Ministry of Power said that the government has approved the amendment in the Electricity (Consumer Rights) Rules, 2020 related to this.

These rights are given to these consumers

According to the news, according to the new rules, consumers living in multi-storey flats have also been given the right to choose the type of connection. Separate billing for common areas and back-up generators has been ensured in residential societies which will ensure transparency. The amended rule also provides for inspection of meters installed by distribution companies for verification of electricity consumption in case of complaints from consumers.

Know what are the provisions for hilly areas

Union Electricity Minister RK Singh said that the interest of consumers is paramount for the government. Keeping this in mind, amendments or changes have been made in the rules. The minister said that the period for getting a new electricity connection has been reduced from seven days to three days in metropolitan areas, from 15 days to seven days in other municipal corporation areas and from 30 days to 15 days in rural areas. But in rural areas of hilly areas, the time period for taking new connections or making amendments in existing connections will remain the same 30 days as before.

Installing solar system made easy

According to the report, under the new rules, the government has simplified and accelerated the process of installing solar systems on rooftops. The ministry said that technical feasibility study will not be required for solar systems up to 10 kilowatts. For more than this, the study time limit has been reduced from 20 days to 15 days. Also, if the study is not completed within the stipulated time, it will be considered accepted.

Provision of separate connection for EV charging

The ministry said that electric vehicles have been kept in mind in the new provisions. If consumers wish, they can now get a separate electricity connection to charge their electric vehicles (EV). People living in co-operative housing societies, multi-storey buildings, residential colonies etc. will now have the option to choose individual connections for all or single-point connection for the entire complex from the distribution licensee.

Further, if there is a complaint that the meter reading is not as per the actual electricity consumption, the distribution licensee will now have to install an additional meter within five days from the date of receipt of the complaint. This additional meter will be used to verify the readings.