Wednesday , July 24 2024

Know when and where major railway accidents happened in West Bengal | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

Today, a freight train hit the Kanchenjunga Express in Darjeeling, West Bengal. In which 3 coaches of the Kanchenjunga Express have been badly damaged. Initial information is coming out that 5 people have died in this accident. While 30 people have been injured. So know when and which major accidents have happened in West Bengal and how many people have lost their lives.

17 June 2024- Kanchenjunga Express collides with goods train, 5 killed

In Darjeeling district of West Bengal, Kanchenjunga Express train collided with a freight train. In this accident, two coaches derailed. The train was going to Sealdah. A freight train hit the train standing behind. Three coaches of the train were badly damaged. After the accident, two coaches have climbed over each other. The accident took place between Rangapani and Nijbari. It is being told that two passengers have died, although the deaths have not been officially confirmed. There is no information about the injured yet. The disaster team has reached the spot for rescue work.

3 June 2023- 31 people from West Bengal killed, 544 injured in train accident in Odisha

A large number of people from West Bengal were among those killed in the train accident near Balasore in Odisha. By 4:30 pm on Saturday, June 3, 2023, 31 dead from West Bengal have been identified. Apart from this, 544 of the injured are from Bengal. This information was given in a statement issued by the State Secretariat on Saturday afternoon. It is being told that among the injured, 25 people from West Bengal have been admitted to various hospitals in Odisha while the remaining 11 people have been admitted to various hospitals in West Bengal.

25 June 2023 – Major rail accident in Bankura, 12 coaches derailed

A train accident has happened in Bankura, West Bengal. Two freight trains collided here, after which several coaches derailed. The accident happened at Onda station at around 4 am on Sunday. The driver of the freight train has been injured in this incident. According to sources, a freight train hit another freight train from behind, due to which about 12 coaches derailed. The accident happened at 4 am in Bankura, West Bengal. Sources said that when a freight train was passing through Onda station, another freight train hit it from behind. Due to this incident, 12 coaches derailed. After the incident, the coaches were scattered on the track. People reached the spot as soon as they got information about the accident.

13 January 2022- 12 bogies of Bikaner Express derailed

On Thursday evening around 5 pm, 12 coaches of Bikaner Express derailed near Domhani in Maynaguri, Jalpaiguri, Bengal. Four to five coaches have been damaged in this accident. So far, the death of seven passengers has been confirmed in this accident. Many passengers were still trapped under the bogie. Jalpaiguri DM Momita Godara Basu has confirmed the deaths. Along with this, 40 injured have been admitted to hospitals in Maynaguri and Jalpaiguri.

28 May 2010- 148 passengers lost their lives in Gyaneshwari train accident

Talking about the previous major rail accidents in West Bengal, in May 2010, the Howrah-Mumbai Gyaneshwari Express collided with an oncoming freight train at Sardiha in Jhargram, Jangalmahal area of ​​the state. After this, some coaches of the express derailed. 148 passengers died in this accident. Also, about 200 passengers were injured. It was also alleged that this accident was caused by deliberate damage to the railway track by Maoists, as the area where the accident took place was in the grip of Maoist violence at that time.

19 July 2010- 63 passengers lost their lives in Cynthia train accident

Within two months of the Gyaneshwari train accident, a major train accident occurred on 19 July 2010 at Sainthia in Birbhum district. Here the Uttar Banga Express collided from behind with the Ranchi-bound Vananchal Express. 63 passengers died in the accident, while more than 150 people were injured. This accident was found to have occurred due to signal violation.