Sunday , May 19 2024

If you have a Google account then definitely know these five features, the work will be done as soon as you speak – News India Live

Today anyone who has a smartphone has a Google account. Google accounts are being used everywhere from Gmail to Drive, Play Store and other places. Most people also use Google and Gmail, but very few people know about the use of Google Drive and Google Docs. Today we will tell you about some amazing features of Google Docs, after knowing which many of your tasks will become easier.


type by speaking
If you feel that you are tired of typing, then you can type by speaking in many languages ​​including Hindi and English. For this, login to Gmail and click on the 9 dots seen next to the profile photo on the right side, open Google Drive and then open Google Docs by clicking on New seen on the top left side. Now click on Tools in the bar at the top of Docs. There you will get the option of voice typing. Now click on voice typing, select your language and speak. However, this tool will only work in Google Chrome browser.

clear formatting
Many times we copy content from some other site and paste it into Google Docs. In such a situation, the content is pasted in the docs itself in the formatting of that website. In such a situation, you may face difficulty in editing the content. So select the entire content and clear the formatting by going to Format in the menu bar or clicking the Tx that appears at the top right of the document.

Photo of desired size
If you want, you can also add a photo of desired size along with text in any document. For this, go to Insert > Drawing > Shape from the menu bar of Docs. After selecting the image, click on T (Text Box) and write whatever text you want in the photo. It is not necessary to put the photo in Docs itself, if you want, you can also download it.

Tag someone in the comments
Like Microsoft Word, you can do typing and letter typing work in Google Docs also. If you are editing a document and there is a mistake in it or you want to take a suggestion or make a suggestion, you can select the sentence from which you want to take/show the suggestion and tag it. Are. Whoever you tag will receive an e-mail and what you wrote in the comment will also appear.


offline mode
It is not necessary that you have to be online to work in Google Docs. You can also work offline in Google Docs. You can turn on offline mode by going to the settings of Google Drive. The biggest advantage of Google Docs is that you do not need to save the content again and again. Content is automatically saved to Docs.