Wednesday , July 24 2024

Chief Secretary

Mathura, July 10 (HS). On Wednesday afternoon, in the city of Shri Krishna, the Chief Secretary of the state Manoj Kumar Singh and Director General of Police Prashant Kumar worshiped Thakurji in the Banke Bihari temple. They took stock of the arrangements here. After this, they left to attend the oxygen plant program built in Kosikala. During this, Vrindavan was completely transformed into a police cantonment.
The Chief Secretary said that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is concerned that the lakhs of people who come to Vrindavan to have darshan of Bihari Ji should not face any kind of inconvenience. Today (Wednesday) there was a discussion on how to provide darshan to the lakhs of people who come to Vrindavan.

During this, the Chief Secretary said that on important days, seven to ten lakh devotees come to visit Banke Bihari in a day. There are narrow lanes around. There are three doors for entry and two for exit in the temple. The Chief Minister is concerned about how to control the crowd and provide easy darshan to the devotees. That is why I and the DGP have come here. A framework has been prepared to ensure that the arrangements are foolproof, focusing on those who are coming here for darshan. Along with divisional and district officials, the parking and other arrangements have also been inspected. Regarding the traffic plan failure, he said that we will discuss it but the aim is that there should be a designated place for parking, so that the local people face minimum trouble. Regarding the Mudia Purnima fair, he said that there will be proper arrangements, it also lasts for a long time. All its arrangements will be ensured.

The Director General of Police said that there is a security scheme for the religious places of Uttar Pradesh where devotees come. Arrangements are made under that scheme. The current scheme for Banke Bihari temple has been discussed on how it can be improved further. The level of facilities should be improved so that devotees and locals do not face any inconvenience in case of crowd. A field inspection has been done with all the officers to see that darshan is done without any hassle. At present, adequate security arrangements have been made at the zone level. More and more technology is being used with new equipment. Adequate security force will be made available on time for the Mudia Purnima fair. All the senior officers and employees of the district were present in the meeting.