Wednesday , July 17 2024

Bangladeshi player narrowly escaped due to helmet, major accident averted | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

A strange incident happened in the match between Bangladesh and Netherlands in T20 World Cup 2024. After winning the toss, Netherlands invited Bangladesh to bat first. During this time, Vivian Kingma of the Dutch team was bowling, but one of his balls got stuck between the grill of the helmet of Bangladesh opener Tanjid Hasan. The batsman could have been injured on this bouncer ball, but a major accident was averted due to the grill of the helmet.

a major accident was averted

This incident happened in the third over of Bangladesh's innings, when Vivian Kingma came to bowl for the Dutch team. Kingma gave 14 runs in the first 4 balls of the over, but meanwhile he decided to bowl a bouncer on the fifth ball. Tanjid swung his bat for a pull shot on the bouncer ball that hit his body at a speed of about 134 km per hour, but the ball got stuck between the grill of his helmet. When the replay was shown, it was found that the ball had bounced more than usual after being hit.

Tanzeed took off his helmet without delay and the medical team also came to the field immediately. As per the protocol, Tanzeed was examined and his eyes were also checked. Fortunately, he was not seriously injured and the medical team allowed him to continue playing. In this match, Tanzeed played an innings of 35 runs in 26 balls, during which he also hit 5 fours and 1 six.

Can an injured player be replaced?

However, the medical team allowed Tanjid Hasan to continue playing after examination. On the other hand, if a player gets injured while playing a match, the rules allow the team to substitute one of the players sitting on the bench with the injured player.