Sunday , May 19 2024

Will the bowlers wreak havoc or the batsmen will rule, what will be the mood of the Ranchi pitch?

The fourth test match of the series between Team India and England will be played in Ranchi from 23 February. The captains of both the teams will have their eyes on winning the Ranchi Test. While captain Rohit Sharma will enter the field with the intention of winning the series, the visiting team will enter the field with the intention of retaining the series. But the biggest question is what will be the nature of the Ranchi pitch. Will the fast bowlers be successful here or will the spinners do wonders? Or the pitch will be seen helping the batsmen.

Who will help on the pitch

After five years, a test match is being played in Ranchi. When both the captains inspected the pitch, many cracks were found on the pitch. Apart from this, the pitch also looked quite dry. After which it can be understood that this pitch will be helpful for spin bowlers. After looking at the pitch, it has also been seen that if there are so many cracks in the pitch on the first day, then these cracks will start increasing on the second day and the spinners will get more help from the pitch. Apart from spinners, fast bowlers can also get help on this pitch. The pitch is dry and has cracks. After seeing this, it is clear that if fast bowlers mix their bowling then they will definitely get benefit from the pitch.

toss will be important

Winning the toss in Ranchi will prove to be very important and definitely the captain who wins the toss will decide to bat first on this pitch. The main reason behind this is more cracks on this pitch. As the game progresses. Either way, the cracks on the pitch will get bigger. After which it will become very difficult to chase a big target in the fourth innings. However, only two matches have been played in Ranchi so far. Out of which one has been a draw and one has been won by India.

Last match was played in 2019

The last Test match was played between India and South Africa in Ranchi in 2019. At that time, India, batting first, declared the innings at 497 runs with the help of Rohit Sharma's double century. But when South Africa came out to bat on this pitch, it was out for 162 runs in the first innings and 133 runs in the second innings. In that match, 14 wickets were in the name of fast bowlers. Whereas only 14 wickets went to the account of spinners.