Saturday , July 13 2024

Pope met God, Congress caught in the circle of sarcasm, had to apologize due to heavy opposition

PM modi meetspop francis: Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the G-7 summit in Italy. Where he also met Pope Francis. Meanwhile, Kerala Congress posted a picture of PM Modi's meeting with the Pope and tweeted that the Pope finally got a chance to meet God. When this tweet caused controversy, the party removed the tweet from its X handle and apologized.

These leaders criticized the Congress

BJP leaders objected to this post of Congress and reprimanded Congress. BJP leader Amit Malviya shared the post of Congress and wrote that after mocking Hindus and making fun of their faith, the Islamic-Marxist alliance in Congress has now started insulting Christians. Apart from Amit Malviya, leaders like K. Sundaran, Anil Antony and Union Minister George Kurien also criticized such posts of Congress.

Congress apologized

The Kerala unit of the Congress party apologized and wrote that Kerala Congress apologized for the tweet on PM Modi and Pope Francis and said that everyone knows that it is not the tradition of the party to insult religion, Pope or any God. The party respects all religions and faiths. Congress has no intention of insulting the Pope. The world respects him. The party was taking a dig at Narendra Modi that he has insulted the faith of the people of the country by calling himself God.

The Kerala unit of the Congress party wrote that the Bharatiya Janata Party and PM Modi should first apologize to the Christian community of Manipur. The Kerala Congress handle also often uses memes to target the BJP and its leaders, especially after the Lok Sabha elections.