Wednesday , July 24 2024

PMVY: Can you also get benefits under Vishwakarma Scheme

Even today, a large number of people are living below the poverty line and the government runs many schemes to help them. These initiatives include providing goods and financial assistance, among other benefits. The government continuously runs new schemes for the upliftment of the economically weaker sections. One such scheme is the Pradhan Mantri Vishwakarma Yojana, which offers many financial benefits. To determine your eligibility and potential benefits, you should check your eligibility status.

Understanding the Benefits:

Under this scheme, individuals receive training, and beneficiaries are entitled to a daily stipend of Rs 500. Additionally, an incentive feature is also available. Upon joining the program, participants receive Rs 15,000, which helps them purchase equipment for their respective trades. Moreover, the scheme provides loans without guarantee and at low interest rates. Initially, loans up to Rs 1 lakh are given, followed by an additional loan of Rs 2 lakh.

First know the benefits:-

To qualify for the scheme, individuals must meet certain criteria. The program covers 18 traditional trades, and applicants must be at least 18 years of age. Eligible candidates are those who:

Those who make locks, make weapons or sculpt statues.

Are they blacksmiths or goldsmiths?

Doll and toy makers.

Building boats, trading in spices, or becoming a locksmith.

Manufacture of hammers and toolkits.

Make baskets, mats or brooms.

cobbler or cobbler

Stone cutters, fishing net makers, or stone breakers.

barber, washerman or tailor

If you belong to any of these categories, you are eligible to apply for the Pradhan Mantri Vishwakarma Yojana.