Wednesday , July 24 2024


Directed by Mihir Upadhyay, the heart-warming film 'Meri Sakhi' is a cinematic tribute to the deep and unique friendship between women and their sarees.

The film's director Mihir Upadhyay was a guest in Ahmedabad and while talking about his film he said, 'Meri Sakhi' is not just a film, it is a tribute to the saree, which is a symbol of empowerment and cultural heritage. The saree is a symbol of memories, emotions and traditions passed down through generations. It contains the essence of our heritage, the stories of our ancestors and the spirit of our culture. Through Meri Sakhi, we aim to celebrate the saree as a woman's steadfast companion, witness and participant in the most important moments of her life. The film features a poem by Arun Gourisaria which depicts the relationship between a woman and a saree through verses. Actress Shefali Shah has lent her voice to this project in the film. Her poetic recitation has a unique depth to the saga. Shefali's powerful and emotional narration brings Arun Gourisaria's words alive, making the audience feel every nuance of emotion and connection contained in the poem.