Friday , April 19 2024

Like the Centre, Bihar's budget is also very disappointing: Kishore Kumar

Saharsa, February 14 (HS). While reacting on the budget of Rs 2 lakh 78 thousand crore passed in Bihar Assembly, former MLA Kishore Kumar said that like the Centre, the budget of the state government is also very disappointing for Bihar. There are no such things visible in this budget, which can remove the backwardness of Bihar. It has been a fortnight now that there is a double engine government in the Center and the state. Even after this, there is no vision from the government for the progress of Bihar in this budget. Bihar needs resources but there is no provision for it in the budget.

Kishore Kumar said that a budget of one lakh crore has been brought for the plan item for the current financial year and a budget of one lakh crore has been brought for the plan in the new coming financial year also. There was no increase in the amount of grant from the Centre. He said that what people are saying that Bihar will develop with this budget is dishonest. This will accelerate development, that too is wrong. He said that the role of the Center will be important in the development of Bihar. Therefore, unless the grant of aid from the Center increases, the pace of development will remain slow.