Friday , June 14 2024

If you are troubled by the problem of dandruff in summer then follow these tips

Dandruff is one of the biggest problems of hair. Because it prevents nutrition from reaching the hair roots, as well as weakens the hair roots. But do you know what causes dandruff? If you try this remedy then the problem of dandruff will go away automatically. Let us know what are the reasons for dandruff in hair.

massage hair
To get rid of the problem of dandruff, massage your hair thoroughly with oil once a week. By doing this the problem of dandruff will reduce, hair will become shiny and hair growth will also increase. You can also use natural oil for hair massage. Also, after massaging the hair with oil, wash the hair thoroughly and also use conditioner.

use of hair mask
The problem of dandruff can also be reduced by using hair masks. Use the hair mask once or twice a week and then wash your hair thoroughly. You can take help from an expert to use hair mask.

Do not use dryer
Do not use dryer after washing hair in summer. If you dry your hair with the help of a dryer, it can also cause dandruff problem. To avoid the problem of dandruff, dry your hair naturally. Apart from this, do not use heating tools to style the hair.