Wednesday , July 24 2024

I will not work for Muslims because I did not vote… JDU MP's statement goes viral | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

JDU MP Devesh Chandra Thakur said in a program in Sitamarhi that Muslims and Yadavs will not do any work. It is being said that Devesh Chandra is unhappy because he did not get the vote of this understanding in the Lok Sabha elections. He said that by being active in politics for 22 years, he did the most work for the Yadav and Muslim community. But these people did not vote in the elections without any reason.

Devesh Chandra Thakur has won the Lok Sabha elections from Sitamarhi

The JDU MP further said that if in future people from this community come for work, they will definitely be given tea and snacks but their work will not be done. Those who want to come, have tea and snacks and then leave cannot expect any help. Devesh Chandra Thakur has won the Lok Sabha elections from Sitamarhi. Devesh Chandra Thakur is also the Chairman of the Bihar Legislative Council.

Deveshchandra Thakur's pain spilled out

JDU MP Devesh Chandra Thakur, who came to Sitamarhi to attend the felicitation ceremony organized under the banner of the Primary Teachers' Union, expressed his pain and said on the open stage that now he will not do any work for Yadavs and Muslims. If people from the Yadav and Muslim communities come for any work, they should definitely come, but they should go back after having tea and snacks.

NDA votes fell

Deveshchandra Thakur said that there is no good reason for NDA losing so many votes. More than half of the votes of Surati and Kalwar community have decreased, tell the reason? Kushwaha community's vote was suddenly reduced. This was the idea of ​​NDA. Why was it reduced? People of Kushwaha community became happy when Lalu Prasad gave tickets to seven people of this community.

Kushwaha community also worked

Has the Kushwaha community become so selfish? There is a deputy CM of BJP in the government from this community, if Upendra Kushwaha had won, he would have become a Union Minister today, he said that what difference would it have made if even five-seven people from the Kushwaha community had become MPs. Will the Kushwaha community of Sitamarhi go to them for work? How distorted has their thinking become. Deveshchandra Thakur further said that if I say that the people of Kushwaha community should go to all the seven Kushwaha candidates of Lalu Prasad and do their work, how will they feel? Deveshchandra Thakur said that a person from the Muslim community came to me for some work, but we clearly told him that he has come for the first time. So I will not say anything more than this. You must have voted for the lantern, so that person also accepted it.

“Have tea, breakfast and leave”

In response, Mr. Thakur said that if you have come, then have tea and breakfast and then leave. Your work will not be done. When you see Narendra Modi's face in the arrow, then why don't I see Fans or Laluji's face on your face and why should I work for you? Yadavs and Muslims are welcome at my door, come sit, have tea and breakfast but don't talk about work, I will not do their work.