Saturday , July 13 2024

Horrific massacre in Papua New Guinea: More than 53 killed in fighting between tribal groups: Many seriously injured

Portmoresby: Eight centuries have passed and there has been no improvement in the morale of the tribes living in the mountainous forests of northern Papua New Guinea, where the great traveler Mageban was murdered in 1521. However, the improvement is that they are now using guns instead of just knives and axes.

The surprising thing is that their guns are made in China.

The southern part of this mountainous and wild country is civilized. Currently the Prime Minister of India. He also invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit his country, which he accepted and went there. Therefore it is natural that Papuan-Nyugi is a thorn in the eye of China. It is noteworthy that the route of commercial ships passes through the northern part of this region. Therefore the importance of this island nation is also greater.

The population here has more than doubled since 1980. Therefore there has been increased pressure on land and resources, leading to increased conflict between tribal groups. Violence has broken out there once again. 600 km from Port Moresvi. Near the small town of Wabag in the far northwest, fighting broke out between tribal groups over the distribution of land and resources. Police officer David Matting said that more than 53 people have been killed. He said that we have recovered 53 bodies.

It is feared that China's influence is behind these riots. It cannot tolerate India's influence. There is a possibility of more people being killed there. Many people have also been injured. The sounds of bullets were also heard in these fights. So it becomes clear that those groups have rifles. Later hand rifles are believed to be Chinese-made from the stamps on them.

There are frequent fights between the Sikin and Kakin gangs. Land possession is the main reason for this. This area is disturbed so about 100 policemen have been deployed there. But not enough police could stop those wars.

The government has tried, and is trying, all means including force, mediation and amnesty to stop the violent incidents, but they have failed. The number of police and their weapons were also very less.

Earlier violence had targeted civilians, including pregnant women and children. Murders have become common here. The bodies of dead enemies are cut into pieces. The body has been broken into pieces. These tribes are very fanatic. Civilization cannot reach there.