Thursday , April 18 2024

Are aliens searching for humans? Shocking claim of California scientist

For the past several years, thousands of scientists around the world have been wondering whether there is life on other planets in the universe besides Earth. However, no concrete information has been received regarding this yet. For many years, scientists around the world have been searching for aliens on the Moon and Mars. It is possible that just as we are searching for aliens, in the same way aliens are also searching for humans. Many types of rumors regarding this matter are also making headlines in the media. In such a situation, scientists believe that if aliens come to Earth, they may have to face many problems.

According to a media report, Scott McCormack, assistant professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of California, recently talked to a famous magazine about the discovery of aliens. During the interview, he said that it would be wrong to say that aliens have never come to Earth in millions of years. It will come sometime or the other. However, he mentioned two main problems associated with aliens visiting Earth.

What do aliens need to come to Earth?

Scott McCormack said that no one has yet been found traveling faster than light. And the aliens would have to come at the speed of light to land on Earth. For this the aliens should have better science and technology. Because scientists have not yet found any substance that can withstand the speed of light. Even traveling at the speed of light would require a huge amount of energy. Generating this much energy requires the best of science. It is difficult to say whether aliens will be so advanced or not.