Tuesday , July 23 2024

AJSU party started preparations for Vidhansabha elections, Martyrdom Day will be celebrated on 22nd

Palamu, June 17 (HS). AJSU Party Palamu has started preparations for the assembly elections. District President Dilip Chaudhary informed the journalists about this at a hotel in Medininagar on Monday. It was told that AJSU Party has started preparations for the elections in full swing in all the assembly constituencies of the district. 22 June Foundation Day will be celebrated as Balidan Diwas in all the assembly constituencies, in which thousands of workers will participate.

On this occasion, party workers will plant 100 saplings in each assembly. The workers will also be guaranteed to protect them. Also, from June 26 to July 26, the oath taking and training program of the newly appointed Chulha Pramukhs will be organized by AJSU Party supremo Sudesh Mahto.

To make the program successful, Kushwaha Shiv Pujan Mehta for Hussainabad assembly, Sanjay Ranjan Singh for Chhatarpur, Chandrashekhar Singh Chotu for Daltonganj, Ashok Mahato for Vishrampur, Imtiaz Ahmed Najmi and Vikas Shukla have been given responsibility for Panki.

Central Committee member Chandrashekhar Singh Chhotu said that as per the instructions of party supremo Sudesh Mahto, the organization will be taken to every village by appointing pillar members and Chulha Pramukhs of all the blocks and city committees of Daltonganj assembly constituency. On 22 June, the foundation day, the program of Daltonganj assembly constituency will be organized as Balidan Diwas in front of the statue of Raja Medini Rai in Dubiyakhad. Students and youth will be mobilized to create a new political scenario of this assembly constituency. Also, all the representatives elected from this assembly constituency have cheated the public. AJSU Party will continue to struggle for this.

District Vice President Vishal Verma said that thousands of youth will be given membership of the party. These youth will play an important role in the reconstruction of Jharkhand under the leadership of AJSU Party. There is a lot of anger among the youth about the way the current government has cheated them.

Women District President Pramila Devi said that work will be done to empower and strengthen the organization by adding maximum number of women to the party in every block of the entire district.

Central committee member Ashok Mahato, district organization secretary- Shiv Shankar Prasad, Rajiv Ranjan Tiwari, Om Prakash Singh were mainly present on the occasion.