Tuesday , July 23 2024

Work should be done while protecting the interest of the common people: Ashutosh Sinha

Ghaziabad, 19 February (HS). Ashutosh Sinha of Parliamentary and Social Harmony Committee said here on Monday that work should be done while protecting the interest of the common people. Also, the benefits of public welfare schemes of the government should reach the last person of the society.

In the review meeting of the committee in the Collectorate auditorium, he expressed his displeasure towards the officers absent in the meeting and said that this should not happen in future. Officials from Ghaziabad and Gautam Buddha Nagar participated in this meeting.

In the meeting, Chairman Ashutosh Sinha took detailed information about the schemes run by the Central and State Government in Ghaziabad and Gautam Buddha Nagar, the work done for crime prevention, the work done to increase revenue and recovery etc.

During the meeting, there was a dispute going on with others regarding some land matters of Gautam Buddha Nagar and Ghaziabad, for which the committee gave instructions for its prompt resolution. Many issues of Ghaziabad Development Authority were also discussed in detail. The reports of the work done by the Excise Department in both the districts were seen. Details of other movements including overload were sought by the Transport Department. The committee learned about the efforts made to create harmony between different communities and castes in the districts. Apart from this, child protection home, women's reform home, nutrition, food, bonded labour, child labour, women exploitation, harassment, child development department, illegal occupation, labor department etc. were learned in detail in both the districts.

He said that there should be a complete ban on drinking liquor outside liquor shops. Strict action should be taken against those who drive under the influence of drugs. The trade tax amount should be recovered quickly and there should be no negligence in this matter.

Mainly committee members Lal Bihari Yadav, Mukul Yadav, Secretary Dhananjay Singh, Dhamendra Singh, Abhishek Kumar Pandey were prominently present in the meeting.