Saturday , April 13 2024

Video of girl knitting sweater with her tongue went viral. Seeing his talent, people said- 'Wow-Wow'

You see different types of things on social media, some of them are useful for us and some we see just to kill time. However, there are some that you will be surprised to see. Sometimes they have to give some information and sometimes they have to show the struggle in the forest. Today we will show you a slightly different type of video.

You must have seen actress Ananya Pandey's talent of touching her nose with her tongue. However, today we will introduce you to a girl who has exactly the same talent. She is not an actress but her talent is no less. What we are going to show you is really amazing. The girl has got such a flexible tongue that she can even weave thread with it.

weaves with the tongue

By now you must have seen people doing knitting and embroidery with the help of thread and needle. In the video which is currently going viral, the girl is doing the same with her tongue. She puts a thick thread inside her mouth. Then she starts moving her tongue in such a way that a thread is immediately woven from the mouth. After all, she weaves the thread and also shows its end. You will also be surprised to see his work.

Does this also happen?

The video has been shared on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) with the ID @Xudong1966. Not much is known about this girl but her talent is really amazing. You would hardly have seen anyone doing this before. People have also praised him in the comment section. In fact, if she knits at this speed, she can knit the entire sweater.