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This veteran of politics proposed a beautiful girl, said- You are like Kajol, amazing love story

Devendra Fadnavis and Amrita Love Story: The love story of Maharashtra Deputy CM Devendra Fadnavis is no less than a movie script. You may be surprised to know that Devendra Fadnavis, who always silences his opponents with his arguments, is very shy in matters of the heart.

His wife Amrita Fadnavis is an accomplished dancer, singer and holds a senior position in Axis Bank and had no interest in politics before meeting Devendra.

Devendra Fadnavis himself had told about his love story in an interview, this happened before he became the CM of Maharashtra. Whatever he said in that interview was very interesting and surprising.

He said, 'I am also like common people and I also like watching Hindi films. I have been a fan of actress Kajol. When I met Amrita for the first time, I thought she looked like Kajol, so I proposed to her as soon as I saw her.

Let us tell you that the very talented Amrita Fadnavis was known as Amrita Ranade before marriage. She is originally from Nagpur. His parents are doctors. His father's name is Dr. Sharad Ranade and mother's name is Dr. Charu Ranade.

Let us tell you that the first meeting of Amrita and Devendra took place at the house of a common friend Shailesh Joglekar. In this one and a half hour meeting, both of them decided to marry each other and informed their families about their decision. Both their families had no objection to this relationship, so they immediately approved this relationship.

After this both of them got married in the year 2005. When Devendra Fadnavis and Amrita got married, Fadnavis was completing his second term as MLA. They have a daughter named 'Devija', who is dearer to both of them than life itself.

Bepannaah Hussain's Mallika Amrita Fannavis is one of the popular celebrities on social media and she is also an expert in giving a befitting reply to her detractors. He has also made a big contribution in Devendra's political journey. She always followed him like a shadow. Devendra himself has been giving credit for his success to his wife, hence both of them are called the perfect couple of the political corridor.