Tuesday , July 23 2024

Firing in Minnesota, USA, three officers and accused dead

There has been firing once again in America. Four people including three officers have died in the firing. This incident happened in Burnsville, Minnesota. According to the media, a man called the police on 911 number and informed that he has been held hostage in the house at gunpoint. When the police reached the spot, the matter had escalated into firing. The accused shot dead two police officers and a fire brigade officer. All three people died on the spot. A police officer was injured. Officers who came to save a family were murdered.

Police said that there were seven children in the house, whose age ranged from two years to 15 years. The accused was in possession of several firearms and ammunition. Police said that the suspected accused was also killed in the firing. It will be identified soon. Minnesota Governor Tim Waltz has expressed grief over the incident. Walz said we pay our respects to all police officers. His bravery and sacrifice should be taken seriously. He said that all flags in the state will fly at half mast.

Just four days ago there was firing at two places in America. Three armed people were arrested in that case.