Tuesday , June 18 2024

Fearing Israeli retaliation, Iran begins protecting its ships, evacuates Syrian military bases

iran israel war : Israel and Iran keep threatening to attack each other in the Middle East. After Iran's missile and drone attack on Israel on April 13, the whole world fears that Israel may retaliate at any time. In view of these possibilities, Iran itself has started providing naval security to its merchant ships.

The Iranian government has said that Iranian Navy warships are deployed in the Gulf of Aden and will continue patrolling the maritime area at night. This warship is equipped with state-of-the-art missiles as well as sensors and other weapons. Iran has put naval ships on alert. Because Iran is worried that Israel's air force will attack Iranian merchant ships. In addition, Iran has also begun to evacuate Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps bases in Syria due to fear of an Israeli attack.

The American newspaper has said in its report that Iran-backed organization Hezbollah has also started recalling its top commanders from Syria. One reason for Iran's caution is the statement of British Foreign Secretary David Cameron. Cameron said that Israel is deciding to take military action in response to Iran's attack.

However, Iran is also in no mood to back down. Iran has said, 'If Israel throws even a single stone, we are committed to giving a befitting reply. The annual parade of defense forces was held in Iran amid military conflict with Israel and Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi addressed the parade and warned Israel not to do any mischief.

However, the military parade was not televised live due to fear of Israeli action.