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Drinking Tulsi water daily for 30 days will transform your body, know about its health benefits

Benefits of Tulsi water: Tulsi plant is found in every house. The tradition of worshipping Tulsi has been going on for years. According to the scriptures, Tulsi is also used as a medicine. In Ayurveda, Tulsi leaves are used to cure various diseases. Consumption of Tulsi especially treats respiratory diseases and is also effective in strengthening immunity. But to get all the benefits of Tulsi, make its water and drink it regularly for a month.

Health experts also say that if a person regularly consumes Tulsi water for a month, he gets not just one but many benefits. Tulsi water proves to be nectar for those who want to keep their body healthy without medicine.

Tulsi water nourishes and relaxes the body. It also strengthens the immunity, which helps in preventing recurrent viral infections. Apart from this, know what effect Tulsi water has on the body if consumed regularly for 1 month.

benefits of drinking tulsi water

-If you drink Tulsi water regularly, it protects the body from diseases. Tulsi contains nutrients that strengthen immunity and protect against diseases. The properties of Tulsi help the body fight infections.

– Tulsi has stress relieving properties. Regular consumption of Tulsi water calms the mind and provides relief from stress. Tulsi water has a magical effect in preventing diseases.

-According to Ayurveda, Tulsi has Vatahara properties. This means that it helps in curing gas and bloating. Research has also proven that Tulsi water improves intestinal motility and aids digestion.

– Basil leaves are mostly used in the treatment of respiratory diseases like cold, cough and asthma. Basil also has expectorant properties. Consuming basil provides relief from throat problems.

How to make Tulsi water?

To make Tulsi water, add 10 to 15 leaves of Tulsi in a glass of water. Boil this water on low flame for a few minutes and then turn off the gas. There is no need to boil Tulsi water for five minutes, then turn off the gas. Now consume this water hot.