Thursday , April 18 2024

Bhopal Railway Station Platform No. 1 area will be developed as a world class façade

Bhopal, 15 February (HS). Sports and Youth Welfare Minister Vishwas Kailash Sarang said that the platform number 1 area of ​​Bhopal station will be developed as a world class facade of the city. In this regard, he inspected Bhopal station area under Narela assembly on Thursday. After the inspection, information was obtained from Bhopal DRM about the plan for development work in the area around the station.

Minister Sarang said that Railways, Public Works Department and Municipal Corporation should jointly make plans for the beautification and development works of Bhopal area, so that there is uniformity among them. Minister Sarang talked about working on the plan to widen the road in front of platform no. 1 and develop it into 8 lanes in the coming time. On this occasion, Bhopal DRM Devashish Tripathi, senior officials of Public Works and Municipal Corporation were present.

The development around the station creates the image of the city among the tourists.

Minister Sarang said that platform number-1 area of ​​Bhopal station will be developed in a world class format. He said that the station courtyard is the facade of the city, the facilities and development works available outside the station courtyard create the image of the city in the minds of the tourists coming from outside the city. For this, now Railways, PWD and Municipal Corporation will jointly carry out beautification and other development work in the area around the station, so that there will be uniformity in the work.

Map route made to promote tourism

Minister Sarang also gave instructions to prepare map routes for the promotion of famous tourist places located in the areas around Bhopal. Instructions were also given to provide soft skill training to the rickshaw pullers present at the auto stand located at the station. He said that this will make the journey of passengers coming to the station more accessible.