Friday , April 19 2024

Benefits of conditioner: Is it necessary to apply conditioner after shampoo? Know here

Many people recommend using conditioner after shampooing as it helps keep hair healthy and shiny. At the same time, some people do not use conditioner after shampooing, as a result their hair quickly loses moisture and starts looking dull and lifeless. To keep hair healthy, it is advisable to apply conditioner after shampooing. Apart from this, the trend of reverse shampooing is also increasing in today's social media era. Let us know about it.

How to reverse shampoo:

Reverse shampooing involves first applying conditioner to the hair, letting it sit for some time, rinsing with plain water and then using shampoo. In the usual method, the hair is first washed with shampoo, followed by conditioner, which is left on for at least 5 minutes before being washed with plain water. However, the reverse shampooing method causes this process to fail. People who apply conditioner first, rinse it out with water and then use shampoo claim that it leaves their hair soft. If you have extremely dry hair, this method may be worth trying.

Benefits of using conditioner:

Maintains moisture:

Most shampoos contain chemicals that can dry out hair quickly. Applying conditioner after shampooing maintains the moisture of the hair, which makes the hair shiny.


Detangles Hair:

Washing hair without treating it with conditioner can cause knots and tangles. Using conditioner helps in managing tangled hair. After applying conditioner, you can use your fingers to detangle wet hair. Avoid combing wet hair to prevent breakage.

Enhances shine:

Using conditioner regularly after shampooing keeps the hair healthy for a long time, which increases their shine. Additionally, conditioner helps reduce any damage caused during shampooing.


Beneficial for scalp:

Shampooing alone may not provide all the benefits; It is important to apply conditioner after shampooing. The chemicals present in shampoo can sometimes cause itching, irritation or dandruff on the scalp. Using conditioner helps prevent these problems and keeps the scalp healthy.