Saturday , July 13 2024

A woman gave birth to a child in Kolkata-Jammutvi Express, female passengers helped in the delivery

Koderma, June 16 (HS). A baby's cry resounded in the Kolkata-Jammutvi Express on Sunday. Actually, a pregnant woman travelling with her husband and mother-in-law in the general coach from Pitambarpur in Uttar Pradesh to Koderma gave birth to a child. The women passengers present in the coach helped the woman to deliver her baby safely.

The passengers informed about this on the railway helpline number. Railway control informed Koderma station about this. When the train reached Koderma station at 8 am, the railway doctor and a woman constable of the Railway Protection Force brought the woman down safely from the coach. After this, the railway doctor, after examination, declared the condition of the mother and child to be normal and referred her to Sadar Hospital Koderma.

Passenger Arif Khan, a resident of Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, said that he had boarded the Jammu Tawi Express at around 12 noon on Saturday to travel from Pitambarpur to Koderma. After alighting at Koderma station, he had to go to his in-laws' house in Khorimahua in Giridih district. On Sunday morning, after the train crossed Gaya Junction, his wife Safina Khatoon started having labour pains. After this, she gave birth to a baby in the train. The child's father took a new blade from the passengers and cut the umbilical cord of the baby. With the help of the passengers, the delivery took place safely.