Saturday , April 13 2024

Why was India fined 5 runs? Know what are the complete rules

On the first day of Rajkot Test, the Indian team started the innings on the second day after scoring 326 runs at the loss of 5 wickets. Earlier in the day, the team suffered two setbacks in the form of Kuldeep Yadav and Ravindra Jadeja. But after this Dhruv Jurel and Ravichandran Ashwin remained at the crease. By lunch, both of them made a partnership of 57 runs and took Team India's score to 388 runs. But meanwhile, something happened in the first session due to which Team India lost and England won by 5 runs. Actually the umpire had penalized Ashwin for running in the middle of the pitch. But the question is whether it was only Ashwin's mistake.

It is not only Ashwin's fault but also Jadeja's fault!

Let us tell you that on the first day of Rajkot Test, the umpire had warned Ravindra Jadeja. Jadeja was warned on Thursday for running into the middle of the pitch and when Ashwin repeated the same mistake on Friday, field umpire Joel Wilson gave the team a 5-run penalty. As a result, the England team will now start its innings 5-0 i.e. 5 runs earlier. That means England got 5 runs for free.

What are the complete rules of MCC?

Now if we talk about the complete rules of MCC on this, then according to Law 41.14.1, running between the pitches comes under the section of 'unfair play'. The rules state, 'It is considered unfair to cause damage to the pitch intentionally or under any circumstances. Even if the batsman comes between the wickets to play a shot, he has to leave from there immediately. If the umpire feels that the batsman's presence between the wickets is inappropriate and may cause damage to the pitch, the umpire gives a warning.

The law further states that in such cases the first and last warning is given. This applies during the entire shift. If this mistake is repeated by any partner, a penalty of 5 runs is imposed on the batting team. Same thing happened in this innings also. First Jadeja got a warning and now when Ashwin was stopped, the team was fined.

Jadeja made two mistakes

That means Ravindra Jadeja has now become responsible for two mistakes. On one hand, even after Sarfaraz Khan was run out, everyone targeted him. Because of this he became a villain despite scoring a century. Now in this matter also Jadeja has been given the first warning. After the second mistake, Team India got a penalty of 5 runs.