Wednesday , July 24 2024

Why did BJP lose in UP despite the Ram Mandir issue? The task force found these three reasons

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: BJP has suffered a major setback in Uttar Pradesh in the Lok Sabha elections. This time, despite the Ram Mandir issue, BJP has faced defeat in UP. In 2019, BJP got 62 seats in UP, while in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, it had to be satisfied with only 33 seats. There is a discussion going on in the whole country about BJP getting 29 seats less from a state like Uttar Pradesh. Now the party is also considering this and some action can be taken after all the feedback. According to the feedback received by the party leadership so far from the candidates and local leaders, the MPs are not getting the support of the state employees. The public has been hurt by the party workers being against themselves and spreading the false story of changing the Constitution.

A task force has been formed to comprehensively investigate the reasons for the defeat in UP

Not only this, the state leadership of BJP is also preparing a detailed report. The report will be submitted to the high command by the end of this week. According to the information received so far, BJP has also formed a task force to conduct a detailed investigation into the reasons for the defeat in UP. The task force has been assigned the task of reviewing 78 seats in the state. This task force will not only review PM Modi's rally in Varanasi and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh's rally in Lucknow. Apart from this, all the remaining 78 seats of the state will be reviewed.

BJP lost in UP despite Ram Mandir issue

BJP had to face the biggest defeat in seats like Amethi, Faizabad (Ayodhya seat), Ballia and Sultanpur. These seats were considered strong for BJP. Smriti Irani's defeat against a common Congress worker in Amethi has damaged the entire story. Apart from this, the defeat in Ayodhya is also shocking. Maneka Gandhi, who has been winning continuously, lost the election in Sultanpur. After that, the defeat in Ayodhya has hurt the entire story. BJP had to face defeat in the seat where the historic Ram temple is built. BJP has suffered a shock due to such a defeat in Ayodhya, where the cycle of 500 years of history turns.

Also asking for feedback from RSS

Now the party is preparing how to set the entire narrative and digest its defeat. According to information received from sources, BJP will also take feedback from RSS and its affiliated organizations. The people of the Sangh have also been told to review and tell what were the reasons for the defeat. So far, many candidates have submitted reports to the state leadership of BJP, in which they have mentioned the reasons for our defeat. A major reason for this is that government employees have not supported the MPs. On the other hand, a large section of party workers came out in protest against this. Third, caste-based Thakur rallies also caused damage to BJP from west to east.