Wednesday , July 24 2024

Treason punishment: Russian pilot who fled from Ukraine with MI-8 helicopter murdered in Spain

Russian helicopter pilot Maxim Kuzminov betrayed Russia during the war between Russia and Ukraine. He fled to Ukraine in his helicopter in September last year.

He has to pay the price of this deception by losing his life. Maxim Kuzminov's bullet-riddled body has been found in Spain. He joined hands with Ukraine's spy agency and reached Ukraine in a Russian Army MI-8 helicopter. Meanwhile, he also killed two of his companions.

He was given a reward of $500,000 from Ukraine. Ukraine also released a video of this incident and it caused a lot of uproar in Russia. However, Putin did not pardon the pilot and announced that he would be given the death penalty.

Russia's spy agency was constantly searching for him. Now his body has been found in Spain. Maxim Kuzminov was shot five times. Given the circumstances in which he was killed, it appears the mission was carried out by agents of a Russian spy agency. This murder has created an uproar in Europe.

This may also create a major dispute between Spain and Russia. Because this pilot was murdered on Spanish soil.