Tuesday , June 18 2024

This cup can cause dangerous diseases like cancer, know what is the harm?

Disposable Cup And CANCER : Nowadays times have changed. Now disposable cups have replaced steel or glass glasses or utensils. Now only disposable cups are used for water, tea, coffee or any other drink. These cups are being used in everything from offices to big restaurants. But do you know that disposable cups can affect health? Let us know its disadvantages and doctor's advice…

Can disposable cups cause cancer?
Doctors say disposable cups are made using plastic and chemicals. If you use it for a long time it can cause cancer. Doctors said that chemicals like bisphenol and BPA are found in disposable cups. Which are very dangerous chemicals. When tea or hot water is drunk in this cup, the chemicals present in it get mixed with it and these chemicals reach the stomach, which can cause cancer.

Disposable cups can cause diseases like thyroid
According to the doctor, not only chemicals are used in making disposable cups, but microplastics are also used. Due to which dangerous diseases like thyroid can occur. Long-term use can also cause cancer. The use of disposable cups can significantly increase the risk of cancer in alcoholics or smokers. Therefore one should always try to avoid using disposable cups.

Disposable cup option
Doctors say that plastic or paper should be avoided while drinking tea, coffee or water. Instead of this, steel utensils or kulad should be used. There are many benefits of drinking tea in Kulhar. This also reduces the use of paper and plastic. There are many elements present in clay kulhar which are beneficial for bones. Therefore, instead of disposable cups, you can use kulhad or steel utensils.