Sunday , May 19 2024

Ration Card: This easy process to add the name of a new member in the ration card

Ration card is one of the important documents of Indian citizens. This is very useful for us. In its absence, many of your works may get stuck. Many people want to add the names of other family members to their ration card, but are unable to do so due to lack of knowledge of the process. Today we are going to make this an easy process for you.

This is the online process:

First of all you have to go to the official website of Ration Card.

You need to log in or register by entering your details.

After this you will have to choose the option to add the name of a new member.

After this, you will have to give all the information in the open form.

New members will have to upload birth certificate or marriage card.

After submitting the form, a message will come on the mobile number.

After this, after a few days, a new ration card will come to your home in the name of your new member.