Tuesday , July 23 2024

Previous returns of those claiming higher refunds will also be verified | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

Following the Rs 264 crore refund issue scam at the Mumbai Income Tax office, the CBDT has directed all Director Generals of Investigation in the country to conduct investigations on high-value refund claimants and prepare a report before releasing refunds.

Investigation of the scam of wrongful refund is going on in Mumbai and for the first time it has happened that refunds worth 264 crores have been issued. Investigation is going on as to who has issued the refund, but how is the refund case being investigated despite high technology.

CBDTA high risk refund claimants will be investigated by officers of the level of Deputy Director and Additional Director. The report will be prepared by checking the previous years' records of the claimants and sent to the departmental officer. Earlier, the assessment officer will give the suspicious cases to the investigation wing, after which a report will be prepared in three stages and the report will mention whether the refund is to be stopped or released. Verification of claimants will also be done. If the tax assessing officer has doubts, the missing information will be sought through e-mail or an order will be given to appear in person. If the taxpayer is unable to appear, his representative will be kept present. Investigation will be done before issuing any kind of refund.