Tuesday , June 18 2024

Not abroad, these places in India are becoming the bride's choice for marriage, know the list

Wedding season is going on, people are opting for theme based weddings or destination weddings to make their wedding memorable. Those who have a good budget prefer to get married abroad. But now some changes are being seen in this matter. People are also choosing some places in India for destination wedding. According to a recent report, the wedding industry in India is growing at the rate of 7-8 percent every year. In Mann Ki Baat, PM Modi also asked to get married in India and choose India for destination wedding. After this, people in India are planning destination weddings and new places are also being selected.

wants to get married in a new place

Places like Goa, Jaipur, Udaipur, Manali, Shimla and Rishikesh are the hubs of destination weddings, but many in the industry are now choosing new locations and wedding planners are also looking for places in the country that provide all the facilities. Can do. Destination wedding. In the current trend, people are choosing different and new places instead of famous places.

Not Jaipur, this place is becoming a favorite place

Generally people used to prefer places like Udaipur, Jaipur in Rajasthan but now they choose places like Rishikesh, Mussoorie, Manali in hilly areas. That's why Kerala is also joining it. Apart from this, places like Ooty, Coorg, Jaisalmer, Pushkar are also becoming people's favorite places. As the wedding industry grows, so does the demand for new venues. Ayodhya will become the hub of destination wedding in the next 2 years. People like to come here and get married.

Reiki is being done for the new wedding venue

Everyone wants a new destination for the wedding, but due to the increasing demand, wedding planners also focus on ensuring that there is no shortage of venues. Due to demand there has been an emphasis on adding new wedding venues to the list. Bollywood stars want to get married at such places which are famous but sometimes even they are not able to find their favorite place.

Pressure increased for new site

According to the information, the demand for new venues for weddings is increasing. Presently the situation is such that we receive mails from hoteliers from all parts of the country, in which they tell about their properties. Apart from this, destination planners themselves do recce every year, so that some good places can be included in the list. Wedding planners should check our list of new wedding venues every six months and check availability.

New hotels are also being built for weddings

We keep adding new wedding venues every six months or year, keeping in mind what people like and what they don't. 'There are many such places in the country, where people from all over the country and the world come to get married, everyone needs a place. In such a situation, not only wedding planners are looking for new properties but the hotel industry itself is building new hotels. With the arrival of new hotels the options have increased.

60 percent reduction in people marrying abroad

Be it film stars or people from the country with good budget, many of them used to choose a place abroad for destination wedding, but if we believe, the way the wedding industry is changing, things are getting better. 'There seems to be a huge increase in the number of customers from abroad coming to India for marriage.

India is also making place in the marriage list

Talking about marriage, India has now made a big place in the list of the whole world. While PM Modi has talked about getting married in India, the number of people going abroad to get married in the country has reduced by 50 to 60 percent. It is common to have two children in a family, in such a situation there is a difference in the preferences of both regarding marriage. Which is also affecting the industry. People are now avoiding marrying both their children in the same city or state.