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Keep your hair open or tied while sleeping at night? Know the advantages and disadvantages of both and decide for yourself

Hair Care Tips: This is the biggest and most serious question for girls. There are different opinions about the answer to this question. This question is how to keep hair while sleeping at night? Many people believe that hair should be left open while sleeping at night and some people say that hair should be tied. Keep your hair untangled in any way while waking up in the morning. In such a situation, it is important to know how to actually keep the hair so that the hair is not damaged.

There will be many girls who like to keep their hair open while sleeping at night because this position seems comfortable. But bare hair is not for everyone. Keeping the hair tied or open, both have some advantages and some disadvantages.. After this information, you can decide for yourself what is beneficial for you. So let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of both methods.

Advantages and disadvantages of keeping hair open while sleeping

Benefits – The biggest advantage of keeping your hair open while sleeping is that whatever position you sleep in, it does not put pressure on your hair. This reduces the risk of hair breakage and hair fall.

Loss – But this method is harmful for those who have long hair. If you have long hair and you leave it open, then the hair gets tangled by the morning. Due to which it takes time to wash hair in the morning and hair breaks more. Apart from this, this method is also harmful for those who have dry hair.

Advantages and disadvantages of tying hair at night

Benefits- Tying your hair before sleeping prevents the hair from getting tangled. It is easier to wash your hair in the morning and the chances of hair breakage are reduced.

Loss – Tying the hair tightly keeps the hair constantly pulled. Due to which the roots of the hair can become weak. If rubber is used to tie the hair, then the hair breaks more.

what is the best?

Whether to tie your hair or leave it loose while sleeping at night should be decided according to the type of hair and your habits. If your hair is long and thick, then tying it loosely while sleeping will be beneficial. People who have short and thin hair will feel comfortable if they sleep uncovered.