Saturday , July 13 2024

In California, a person bought the entire city, people's concern increased – News India Live

Every region and city of the world wants a big businessman to come to their city and provide employment to people through his business and the city develops. But, a completely opposite pattern was seen in California. Here first of all an industrialist came to the city and started business and gradually bought the entire city, after which the local people got scared. People believe that now this billionaire will trouble everyone.

According to a media report, there is a city named Carmel in California, where celebrities from all over the world including Bollywood stars come to spend their holidays, because this city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. This city is also known as Destination of the Moment.

The first mansion was purchased in 2015

Now the city of Carmel has been bought by a businessman named Patrice Pastor living in Monaco. The businessman came to Carmel in 2015 and bought his first mansion for $22. After this, he continued to expand his business in the city and eventually bought the entire city.

Carmel residents fear rent hike

The local people of Carmel city believe that Patrice Pastor will now run the city as per his wish and will impose many types of taxes. The rent of shops will be increased, after which the traders here have started closing their shops and moving to other cities, people have locked their houses.

don't misbehave with anyone

So contrary to the fears of the city people, Patrice Pastor has started three new projects in the residential areas of the city. People say that now the prices will increase so much that only rich people will be able to live here. Patrice, on the other hand, says that he will not misbehave with any local person. He is working for the development of the city. His plans will help in the development of the city.