Thursday , April 18 2024

If you see these 4 changes in watermelon then understand that it is a chemically treated fruit

The mouth waters at the sight of red watermelon, watermelon fruit is also very good for health, it increases red blood cells in the body, maintains the amount of water in the body.

Fights cancer, good for heart health, good for eyes, these are the benefits of eating them.

Not all bottle gourd fruits available in the market are chemical free. Chemicals are added to watermelons for many reasons like keeping the watermelon from spoiling quickly and making the color inside red. Such fruits are very red in appearance, but watermelon has no taste, chemicals are also used to make the fruit sweet. Such fruits are very harmful for health.

How can you tell if chemicals have been used on a watermelon?

You can tell by looking at the seeds

Watermelon fruit should be well ripe, but young fruit of watermelon is taken and chemicals are added to it, hence the seeds of ripe watermelon are very small, seeds of well ripe watermelon fruit are black.

knowing when to bite

Most people don't know when to pick a watermelon, but they know when the watermelon is cut. If the fruit has been injected with a chemical, the pulp will burst and there will be a difference in color. If it bursts when cut, it can be said that the watermelon contains chemicals.

white powder on fruits

If white spots are found on watermelon fruits, it can be assumed that chemicals have been sprayed on such fruits. When you touch them with your hands, the powder will stick to your hands, do not buy such fruits.

needle hole

Usually you can't tell by looking at the fruits. But if you look carefully you will know. There is a hole pierced with a needle in the watermelon. If you ask the sellers they will not accept it. Don't spoil your health by buying such fruits.

Which chemical is used for watermelon fruit?

FDA sources say that to ripen fruits quickly, carbide is added to them, due to which ethanol gas is released, due to which the fruits ripen quickly. According to food experts, chemicals like Sudan Red, Methanol Yellow, Mercury Chromate are also used to cook food quickly and add color.

Side effects of carbide on the body
: Eating fruits made of carbide can spoil the health of liver and kidney.
Methanol yellow also harms the health of liver and kidneys.
Chromate: Chromate can cause problems like stomach problems, anemia, brain damage, reduced fertility.

We eat fruits to stay healthy, but the possibility of harm to the body from the fruits we eat is very high, because chemicals are being used on fruits for commercial gains, this fact cannot be denied. However, eating only chemical free fruits is good for health.