Sunday , May 19 2024

If you don't want to take medicine in summer then start taking this thing, you will never feel unwell – News India Live

New Delhi: Summer has come. Nothing tastes good to eat in summer. People like to eat things that cool the body. So you should consume curd with jamava regularly. Due to which your food gets easily digested. Curd also helps in keeping the body fresh. Especially people who have heart related diseases, doctors advise them to eat curd, because consumption of curd is considered very beneficial for such people. Generally curd is consumed to keep the digestive system healthy, but if we mix some ingredients in curd and use it then many health related problems can be cured.

Consume with curd:

1- Curd and cumin
If your weight has increased and you want to reduce it, then add cumin in curd… After roasting cumin, grind it a little and mix it in curd and eat a bowl daily. By doing this you can reduce your weight.

2- Honey and curd
If your mouth gets itchy then eat curd mixed with one spoon honey. Honey has anti-bacterial properties, which help in curing itching. Apart from this, it also gives coolness to the stomach.

3- Sugar and curd
If you like to eat curd and sugar, then the problem of cough goes away. Also the body gets immediate energy.

4- Curd and salt
To get relief from the problem of acidity, eat curd mixed with salt. It balances the acid level in the body and provides relief from acidity.

5- Celery and curd
If someone has toothache then eat curd and celery mixed together. This provides relief from toothache.

6- Black pepper and curd
If you are troubled by the problem of constipation then eat curd mixed with black pepper. The probiotic bacteria present in piperine present in black pepper is effective in providing relief from constipation.

7- For beautiful hair
To make hair beautiful, soft and attractive, washing hair with curd or buttermilk will be beneficial. For this, hair should be massaged thoroughly with curd before bathing. Washing after some time removes dandruff.

8- Treatment of heat stroke
It is very common to feel heatstroke and reduce the amount of water in the body during the summer season. Therefore, before going out in summer and after returning, add roasted cumin powder and a little black pepper powder to a glass of buttermilk and drink it. This will prevent you from feeling cold and your body heat will reduce.

Thus, consumption of curd is not only tasty but also very beneficial for health. Curd is a super food which is very beneficial if you eat it in lunch. Curd is digested faster than milk. Due to which people get relief from stomach problems like indigestion, constipation, gas etc. It contains good bacteria which improves digestion. It also contains quality protein.