Thursday , April 18 2024

If you are keeping the refrigerator close to the wall at home, then be careful, it is important to keep this distance – News India Live

What should be the distance between the fridge and the wall: Nowadays, refrigerator is available in almost every house. Some people keep the fridge in the hall and some in the kitchen. It is also important to see how much space is there to keep a refrigerator in the kitchen or hall. You must have noticed that everyone keeps the refrigerator very close to the wall. However, many people do not know what distance should be kept between the refrigerator and the wall. Due to lack of information or carelessness in this matter, people may suffer huge losses. If you know what to do to avoid this loss.

fridge gets less cold

Placing the refrigerator close to a wall will block airflow behind the refrigerator. Therefore, the hot air coming out of the refrigerator coil remains around the refrigerator. Due to which the temperature inside the refrigerator often increases. Therefore the fridge cools less than its capacity.

The load on the compressor increases

As the temperature inside the refrigerator increases, the load on the compressor increases. Therefore, the compressor inside the refrigerator keeps working continuously to increase cooling. Due to which the load on the refrigerator compressor increases. So the electricity bill also becomes higher.

The wall of the room was also damaged.

If the refrigerator is kept close to the wall, the hot air coming out of the refrigerator can damage the wall. Sometimes it is also seen that the back wall of the refrigerator has turned black. Which is caused by the heat of the fridge. If the copper walls of the house have also turned black then the distance between them should be increased today.

Should not be kept near heater or gas

You should also not place the refrigerator directly near a heater or other heat source. Because if the fridge is in such a place then there will be a big difference in its temperature.

How far should a fridge be from the wall?

The refrigerator should be kept at a distance of 6-10 inches from the wall. Actually, any refrigerator has to work hard to keep it cool from inside. During this cooling process, heat is released from inside the grill. This is the reason why the refrigerator should not be kept too close to the wall.