Wednesday , July 17 2024

House heated up during discussion on Governor's address, squabbling between party and opposition

Shimla, 15 February (HS). Discussion on the Governor's address began on Thursday, the second day of the budget session of the Himachal Assembly. During this, there was a heated argument between the ruling party and the opposition. 22 MLAs took part in the discussion. Jwalamukhi MLA Sanjay Ratna moved a motion of thanks on the Governor's address which was supported by Jwalamukhi MLA Ravi Thakur. As per rules, Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur was the first to participate in the discussion.

The Leader of Opposition said that the Congress government only talks in vain. He said that whatever work has been done in the state could not have been done without the support of the Centre, but the Congress government has not thanked the Center even once. Taking aim at the guarantees of the Congress government, Jairam Thakur said that the Congress has come to power in the name of guarantees and till now not a single guarantee has been fulfilled. Women were to be given Rs 1500 which included 22 lakh 40 thousand women but the Congress government chose Lahaul-Spiti district where women are nominal. He said that the one year tenure of the government has been a complete failure and the government has lost the trust of the people of the state not only for five years but for years. Taking part in the discussion, BJP's Sukhram Choudhary termed the government's tenure as a failure and said that the government has even made the Governor lie in his address.

Earlier, while starting the discussion on the motion of thanks, Congress member Sanjay Ratan thanked the Chief Minister for announcing a relief package of Rs 4500 crore for the disaster victims in the state. He also mentioned the achievements of the state government. MLA Ravi Thakur mentioned the work being done by the government in the field of tourism in Lahaul-Spiti.

Intervening in the discussion, Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu said that the opposition leader goes to the public and works to confuse the people. Present false figures. He said that the talk about reduction in OPS pension is also a lie, the government has not made any cut in OPS and the opposition is trying to mislead the employees by spreading misconceptions in this regard. He said that government employees and officers have written the story of development of the state. Seeing their contribution, Congress fulfilled the promise of restoring OPS and today 4500 retired employees of the state are getting the benefit of OPS restored by the present government.