Saturday , April 13 2024

Farmers are protesting with more than five hundred tractors in Poland

Farmers of Poland are protesting against government policies. They are also opposing the European Union. Recently, farmers had protested by throwing eggs at the EU head office. One thousand farmers have taken to the streets with 500 tractors. Farmers have warned of sealing the country's borders on February 20.

Farmers across Europe are protesting against sanctions imposed by the EU to tackle climate change. Farmers say that due to the ban, the cost of farming is increasing and profits are decreasing. The war in neighboring Ukraine has also had a serious impact on Polish farmers.

Why are European farmers protesting?

Polish farmers are particularly protesting against cheap grain imports from Ukraine. For example, the government imports grain cheaply from neighboring Ukraine instead of buying it from local farmers. This is the reason why farmers are on strike for 30 days since last Friday. Meanwhile, farmers have also blocked some roads adjacent to Ukraine.

Farmers have warned to seal their borders

Polish farmers plan a complete blockade of all border crossings with Ukraine and mass protests in the capital Warsaw on 20 February. Farmers have threatened to seal not only Ukraine's borders but also communication centers, transshipment, railway stations and ports. European farmers will reach Warsaw from all directions on the same day in the previously announced 'Star March'. On February 22, farmers in the Czech Republic will also join farmers in Central and Eastern Europe in protest and seal their country's borders.