Friday , April 19 2024

Cancer vaccine is on the verge of being ready, President Putin's big claim, will be used soon

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a big claim amid the ongoing war with Ukraine. He says that Russia is moving towards making a cancer vaccine and now the work of making this vaccine is in the final stages.

This was announced at the Moscow Forum meeting

During his address at the Moscow Forum meeting, Putin said that, I hope that the use of this vaccine will be started very soon. However, he did not tell for which type of cancer this vaccine would work. It is noteworthy that many countries including India are currently working on cancer vaccine. Even when Corona virus had created an outcry in the world, Russia was the first to announce the production of Corona vaccine. Russia has named this vaccine Sputnik 19.

Britain is also conducting clinical trials for cancer vaccine

Along with Russia, Britain is also conducting clinical trials of cancer vaccine. The British government aims to conduct this trial on 10,000 people by 2030. Many other leading pharmaceutical companies are also working on developing cancer vaccines. There are plans to use it on second or third stage cancer patients. All trials of this vaccine have shown encouraging results. Vaccines from Moderna and Merck & Co are being developed for skin cancer patients.