Friday , June 14 2024

Be careful…huge asteroid is coming closer to Earth, NASA warns

Astronomers have discovered millions of asteroids so far. Many of these asteroids were very massive. But now the American space agency NASA has issued an alert stating that a huge asteroid is coming towards the Earth at a speed of 29 lakh kilometers. It is approximately 272 feet wide. NASA has said that this asteroid 2024 CAB belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids.

there is no danger on earth

NASA scientists say that even though this asteroid is very big and is coming close to the Earth at a fast speed, there is no threat to the Earth from this asteroid. On the other hand, NASA has also warned that if the asteroid changes its direction due to the gravitational force of the Earth, it is possible that some damage may occur, but it will not be so big that it can affect the Earth. There may be slight differences in some parts.

What is an asteroid?

Asteroids are called Chukdograha in Gujarati. These asteroids are made of rocks. These asteroids also revolve around the Sun and also revolve around many planets. However, these are much smaller in size than the planets. Most importantly, most of the asteroids in our solar system are found in the asteroid belt located in the orbits of Jupiter and Mars.

Do asteroids cause any damage?

NASA scientists say that at this time there is no possibility of any asteroid hitting the Earth, except if they pass very close to the Earth. But about 850 years from now, there is a possibility of a giant asteroid hitting the Earth. But hopefully by then the space world will have developed enough to prevent this collision. Scientists say that it is not that asteroids never hit the Earth. This has happened but it happened when there was no human life on Earth and this collision happened about 600 million years ago.