Saturday , April 13 2024

America: Indian-origin man accused of murdering wife and twins commits suicide

Indian-origin former Meta Software man Anand Henry is suspected of murdering his wife and twin sons in California, USA. Authorities said Anand Henry shot himself after killing his wife and children.

A man of Indian origin killed his wife and children

The bodies of Henry, 37, and his wife, Alice Benzinger, 36, were found in the bathroom of their home, the police department said. A gun registered in Henry's name also fell to the ground. The police issued a statement saying that according to our investigation, Benzinger had multiple bullet wounds on his body. Whereas only one bullet hit Henry's body. He further said that the four-year-old twins did not die due to gunshot wounds. At present the police have not revealed the reasons for the death of the children. The police have accused Henry of murdering his family.

The husband was a software engineer and the wife was a data scientist.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Henry previously worked as a software engineer at Meta while working at Google. However, Meta has not yet responded to this. According to his LinkedIn profile, he was working on AI at the time of his death. While his wife was a data scientist in Benziger district.

Both were from Kerala and both had studied at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh. According to court records, the husband filed for divorce in December 2005 but it could not be implemented. The police department said that when the family could not be contacted, the police reached their house for investigation. It is believed that the murder took place on Saturday.