Wednesday , July 17 2024

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Sonipat, June 18 (HS). Kharkhoda police team has arrested the accused involved in demanding ransom of 50 lakhs. The arrested accused is Amarjeet alias Tota, resident of village Rampur. Mukesh Goyal, owner of Nilgiri Company in IMT Kharkhoda, complained in Kharkhoda police station on Tuesday that on June 9, when his guard was on duty at night, Amarjeet alias Tota came with a companion and abused the guard and said that tell your boss to give 50 lakh rupees or else the consequences will be bad. He ignored that statement but on the night of June 16, Amarjeet again came with his two companions and after vandalizing the place, repeated the same demand of 50 lakhs.

Assistant Sub Inspector Navdeep appointed in the investigation team of Crime Unit Kharkhauda along with his police team has arrested the accused Amarjeet alias Tota involved in the incident. The arrested accused has been produced in the court and taken on one day police remand as per the court order.