Wednesday , July 17 2024

30 year old murder mystery solved by hair stuck on ring

A London court has sentenced an Indian-origin man to life imprisonment for the murder of a woman. According to the court, 30 years ago a man named Sandeep Patel had killed a woman named Marina Koppel by stabbing her 140 times. The matter was solved after the DNA report.

According to a report, 51-year-old Sandeep Patel had murdered a woman in a flat in London's Westminster area in 1994. The accused was sentenced in the Old Bailey Court of London on Friday. The Metropolitan Police said that hair from Sandeep Patel was found on Marina Coppel's ring. After investigation by the forensic team, the accused has been sentenced after so many years.

The woman was working as a sex worker

According to the report, when Marina was murdered, she was 39 years old and mostly lived and worked in her flat. The woman spent the weekend with her husband in Northampton. According to the evidence given in the court, Marina sometimes worked as a masseuse and sometimes as a sex worker, but there was no dispute between the husband and wife. According to reports, Marina worked and sent money to Colombia where her two children also lived.

Husband finds woman's dead body in flat

On August 8, 1994, when Marina did not find her husband for several days, her husband came to her flat in search of Marina. When he reached the flat, he found his wife's body soaked in blood, after which Marina's husband informed the police and the police reached the spot and collected evidence. Meanwhile, a ring was found on Marina's finger and a plastic shopping bag was also found, which had the fingerprints of Sandeep Patel on it.

This murder case could not be solved for years

According to the report, Sandeep was 21 years old at that time. Sandeep worked in the same shop where the shopping bags were. Due to which the fingerprints were not considered important evidence and hence the case remained unsolved for years. In the year 2022, when DNA test of the hair stuck on the ring was done, the matter came to light. Then, last Friday, a London court sentenced Indian-origin man Sandeep Patel to life imprisonment.