Tuesday , July 23 2024

Youth were honored by organizing Jeevika Yuva Samagam

Saharsa, February 19 (HS). A youth conference program was organized on Monday in the auditorium of Jeevika Block Project Implementation Unit, Banma Ithari. In the program, youth working in various companies after receiving training under Deendayal Upadhyay Rural Skills Scheme, participated. The girls were honoured.

Addressing the young girls present in this youth gathering, BPM Anupam Anand said that with the help of Jeevika, through continuous employment fairs and employment camps, youth are connected to various jobs in which various companies come and hire them on the basis of qualification and skills. But it selects young men and women and provides employment to them. Then they are sent for free residential training.

Manager Employment, Jeevika Rakesh Kumar said that young men and women also shared their experiences in this program. Jeevika is making efforts to make women financially successful in rural areas. It also provides employment to young men and women.