Tuesday , June 18 2024

Your one wise step can bring light into someone's dark life

Hardoi, June 10 (HS). Eye donation is no less virtuous than blood donation, because with this donation you can bring light into someone's life. Eyes brighten our life as long as we are alive, they can brighten someone else's life even after death.

Eye donation day is celebrated every year on 10 June. Its purpose is to spread awareness about eye donation among people. Today there are many people in our country who are either blind due to an accident or are born blind. Through awareness and some efforts, they can be given a better life. So understand the importance of eye donation and come forward and take a pledge to donate your eyes.

Ophthalmologist Dr Safiullah Khan says that due to the changing lifestyle, irregular routine, pollution and excessive stress, most people are becoming victims of eye problems. According to the World Health Organization, corneal diseases (damage to the cornea, which is the front layer of the eye), vision loss is one of the major causes of blindness after cataract and glaucoma. Many unfortunate people also lose their eyes due to diseases like blood cancer.

Even today, there are many misconceptions about eye donation in villages and educated society, such as donating eyes will make a person blind in the next life, eye donation damages the body. So try to dispel these because there is no truth in them. After death, the people of the eye bank easily remove the eyes without spoiling the face of the deceased.

Eye specialist Gaurav Singh said that people suffering from many serious diseases cannot donate eyes. For example, if the person is suffering from AIDS, hepatitis, jaundice, blood cancer, rabies (dog bite), septicemia, gangrene, brain tumor, damage to the black pupil of the eye (cornea), or death has occurred due to poison or other infectious diseases of this kind, then they are prohibited from donating eyes.

Gaurav Singh says that people who wear glasses, have diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and other physical disorders like breathlessness, heart disease, tuberculosis etc. can donate eyes. Apart from this, people suffering from cataract, glaucoma or those who have undergone eye surgery can also easily donate eyes. The entire process of eye donation is easy and is completed in just 15-20 minutes.