Tuesday , June 18 2024

Yamunanagar: A period of frustration in Congress – Kanwarpal

Yamunanagar, 18 April (HS). In the Lok Sabha election battle in Haryana, where BJP has fielded candidates on all its ten seats, veteran BJP leaders have also started campaigning wholeheartedly for all the candidates.

Haryana Agriculture Minister Kanwar Pal Gurjar is campaigning for the party by doing extensive public contact in dozens of villages of Jagadhri assembly in support of BJP candidate from Ambala Lok Sabha, Banto Kataria. Talking to reporters on Thursday, the Agriculture Minister said that BJP will win ten out of ten seats in Haryana with more votes than in the 2019 elections.

Whereas in Haryana, when Congress did not release the list of Lok Sabha candidates, the Agriculture Minister said that there is a period of frustration in the Congress. No big leader of Congress is ready to contest the elections. Regarding BJP's manifesto, he said that BJP's manifesto is the vision of making India a developed nation by 2047.

He said that the public is impressed by the development work of the Central and State governments and for the third time also the public will form the Modi government. He said that huge enthusiasm was seen among the people in all the public relations programmes. The public has made up its mind that just as in 2019 the public voted all the ten seats of Haryana in the hands of BJP, this time the Bharatiya Janata Party will register a historic victory in Haryana with even more record votes. The public has seen how the entire state as well as Yamunanagar district was ignored from the point of view of development during the Congress rule. But impressed by the development and changes that took place in the BJP government, the public wants that the BJP government should be formed once again. He said that there is an atmosphere of frustration in Congress.