Friday , June 14 2024

World's youngest woman seen in the hands of Mighty Khali, watch video

The Great Khali has shared a video with the world's smallest woman Jyoti Amge. In the video, both are seen having a lot of fun. Khali lifts the flame completely with one hand and then swings it in the air. Later he makes him stand on his feet. Meanwhile, Jyoti is also seen smiling a lot. Some people are liking this video while some people are criticizing Khali after watching it. Khali had posted this video on his Instagram account a day ago.

Mixed reaction on Khali's video

The video has been viewed by 15.8 million people so far. Whereas more than 6.87 lakh people have chosen it. People are giving their feedback by commenting on the video. Social media users found this video funny and made many funny comments. One user wrote, 'It looks as if you are holding a toy.' Another user wrote, 'Sir's teddy bear.' So some people criticized it. One user wrote, 'Okay sir, he is an adult.' Another user said, 'She is an adult woman, is it okay to hold her like this?'

world's youngest woman

Let us tell you that Jyoti, born on 16 December 1993, is a resident of Nagpur, Maharashtra. She has turned 30 years old. She holds the title of the smallest woman in the world. Jyoti has traveled the world. She has met many celebrities. He has also participated in big shows in the country and abroad. He celebrated his 30th birthday with his friends and family. Jyoti always has a big smile on her face.

Jyoti says that on her 18th birthday she has received the most special birthday gift ever. When the Guinness World Records team came to meet her and confirmed that she was the shortest woman in the world.