Tuesday , June 18 2024

World News: Israel ready to retaliate against Iran, Netanyahu hints

Israel has not yet taken any military action following Iran's missile and drone attacks. At first glance it seems that Israel is peaceful but the question is for how long. Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected calls for restraint from close allies and said his country would decide how to respond to Iran's attack. Israel has promised to respond to Iran's attack but has not said when or how it will respond.

'Will take decisions himself'

“I want to be clear, we will make our own decisions,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at his cabinet meeting on Wednesday. “Israel will do whatever is necessary to defend itself.” In particular, Israel's allies are urging it to avoid any response that could escalate the conflict.

Middle East on the brink of war

Netanyahu's comments came after a meeting with the foreign ministers of Britain and Germany on Wednesday. British Foreign Secretary David Cameron and German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock arrive in Israel. Both the leaders have met PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Germany and Britain have appealed to Israel for restraint, saying any hostility with Iran could plunge the Middle East into war.

How did all this start?

It is noteworthy that in October last year, the fighters of Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, had attacked Israel, killing about 1200 people and taking many people hostage. In response, Israel launched a military operation which is still going on. After Iran's attack on Israel, the situation is worsening and there is a possibility of war taking a serious form.