Work from rented offices, 75% of the intelligence bureau units of the country do not have their own building

New Delhi : 75 per cent of the local intelligence bureau units in the country are running in rented buildings. For them, there is a plan to provide their building under the Police Infrastructure Scheme in the next five years. On the recommendation of the Parliamentary Committee, the Ministry of Home Affairs has informed that additional funds will be sought from the Ministry of Finance for the scheme.

A report said that at present the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has its own building on only about 20-25% of the units. Apart from this, more than 75 per cent units are running from rented buildings. The Home Ministry may take up the matter with the IB to expedite the construction of the office. A proposal for adequate budgetary allocation is being prepared.

Presently IB has its office building at 246 locations. The construction work has been completed by IB at 28 places under the Police Infrastructure Umbrella Scheme. Construction work has started at other 47 places. Apart from this, land has been purchased at 32 places. It will be built here soon. According to the information, a total of 295 projects including 112 new schemes have been included in the umbrella scheme. After the approval of the Police Infrastructure Scheme, adequate funds will be sought from the Finance Ministry for the next five years.