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Women Reservation Bill: Government can bring a bill on women reservation, it can be presented on Wednesday

Women’s Reservation Bill News: Central Government may bring Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament. The special session of Parliament has started from Monday. In such a situation, the Women’s Reservation Bill can be presented in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday. It is also expected that this bill will be passed easily, because the opposition leaders also agree on this bill. The opposition has strongly supported this bill.

In fact, just a day before the session started from Monday, the government had held an all-party meeting. NDA leaders including opposition alliance India participated in it. Meanwhile, the Women’s Reservation Bill was also discussed, opposition parties also agreed to pass this bill. From this it became clear that this bill can be passed by the Parliament very easily.

In the all-party meeting, the government said regarding the Women’s Reservation Bill that it is waiting for the right time. Any decision will be taken on that basis. In this meeting, women’s reservation was strongly advocated in elected institutions like Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies. However, according to sources, the Women’s Reservation Bill will be introduced in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday. If passed from here, it will be sent to Rajya Sabha.

What did you say on the Women’s Reservation Bill?


Congress and its allies have demanded the introduction of a women’s reservation bill. On this, its allies like BJP and NCP also said that they stand with them on this issue. Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), Telugu Desam Party (TDP) and Biju Janata Dal (BJD) on the occasion of shifting of Parliament proceedings to the new building requested to create history by passing the Women’s Reservation Bill.

TMC was also seen supporting the women’s reservation bill. On this occasion, he also mentioned the large number of women MPs in BJP. However, some regional parties like Rashtriya Janata Dal and Samajwadi Party advocated reservation for women. But he also raised the issue of fixing quota for backward castes, scheduled castes and scheduled caste women in reservation.

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